The First Motorized W Fishing Kayak

England was the cradle of many inventions, including the motorized W fishing kayak, and by that we mean outboard gas engine, and not electric trolling motor  🙂

It was Jim McGilvray, from Wroxham, UK, who had the idea of outfitting a 2007 W300 fishing kayak with a 2.5 hp Suzuki outboard motor. He realized his idea, and this is how it looked:

The 2007 W300 was a small, narrow W kayak, and Jim needed to add a pair of outriggers to his motor-kayak, since that thing was going a bit too fast for its size, or one may argue that it was flying too low… 😀
Safety first!

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Jim’s kayak outriggers are his own design, and he made them all by himself.

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  1. That was one awesome rig! LOL

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