Aluminum Motor Mount For W Fishing Kayak

I have made some modifications to the motor mount designs out there, and this is what I have come up with. I have to thank Bruce Ramsey at Action Marine and Welding in Cape Coral for the fine aluminum work.
The wood used in the mount is Oak, which I will be treating with a Marine Grade Finish. I have added two bolts on each side for increased stability.
I also made some gaskets out of an old tire and cut them to fit between the mount plates and the Kayak to reduce any potential vibration and slippage.
The Oak was used on the mounting plate to increase traction for the motor. On the back side there are 2 layers of 1/2″ oak. One of the layers has 1 and 1/2″ holes cut out where the mounting screws for the motor can be inset. In the unlikely event of these bolts coming loose, this will prevent the motor from slipping to the side.
This is only designed for the 20″ Honda 2 HP.

Jeff Taubes, Florida

outboard motor on fishing kayak Cape Coral Florida

front of transom motor mount

back of motor mount

2hp outboard motor mounted on fishing kayak detail

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