Wavewalk S4 Updated Slideshow

Wavewalk released its updated animated GIF slideshow for its S4 microskiff, shown above.
This is an opportunity to highlight some of this boat’s unique features and important advantages. By the way, most of these images are screenshots from videos that feature on Wavewalk’s website and YouTube channel.

  1. The first image shows a white S4 cartop microskiff outfitted for flats fishing, including a paddle and a stakeout pole. Simply, it looks great!
  2. The next image shows two bikini clad girls sitting on a beached white S4 used as a runabout, namely a compact touring and leisure boat, or a perfect tender for a big boat, or a yacht.
  3. The third image shows the S4 in the Gator Green color that’s popular among inland anglers, duck hunters, and wildlife photographers. Launch, go, and beach anywhere.
  4. Image number four shows three guys sitting in an S4 and enjoying a ride in the ocean. This is something you’d expect to see done in much bigger boats.
  5. The fifth image is a top view of the S4 that shows how roomy its cockpit is for passengers, and how much storage space it offers.
  6. Sixth image: Thanks to its being so lightweight (barely 100 lbs), car topping the S4 is so easy that one guy can do it by himself.
  7. The seventh image looks a bit surreal: Three guys catching fish standing in their white S4 microskiff. But they actually did it, and were photographed by the girlfriend of one of them, who happened to be there.
  8. Image number eight was downloaded from a particularly exciting video that shows the S4 driven in the ocean chop with a 10 HP outboard. It looks almost like a racing boat!
  9. Four people going in a S4? Image number nine was shot from a drone that one of them brought with him on a short trip to an island off the coast of West Palm Beach, Florida. The driver was an ex Navy SEAL with a lot of sea experience, so don’t try this yourself!
  10. Image number ten is unique on the Internet: Three adults paddling standing in an S4 in a kayak capacity. You can watch the full video on Wavewalk’s website, or on its YouTube channel.
  11. Image number eleven is yet another screenshot from the video that shows the S4 driven solo in the ocean chop, this time with the driver standing up.
  12. The 12th image is a bird’s view of the S4 driven in the ocean, leaving a minimal wake behind it – a visual testimonial to this boat’s hydrodynamic efficiency.
  13. Image number thirteen is a closeup of an S4 driver sitting comfortably, and going full throttle, in full comfort and utmost stability.
  14. The 14th and last image shows the same driver, this time driving standing up, in full confidence and absolute control of his boat.