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Updated on November 1, 2022

3.5 HP or 6 HP outboard motor for my S4 microskiff?
Wavewalk and its dealers sell the S4 microskiff and W700 / 720 kayak-skiffs non-motorized, and it’s up to the owner of the boat to choose what type and size of motor they will use. Wavewalk offers plenty of info and good advice on these subjects, and this is the latest article in this series.

Most people don’t design their own microskiff, or portable boat, but many love to outfit it, and build accessories for it.

Wavewalk recently published several articles on subjects related to Do It Yourself (DIY) projects. The latest is Blaine Edsion’s new review My S4 microskiff rigged for fishing by my friend Chuck Earls

Prior to this, Wavewalk published the review entitled More S4 rigging projects, and 10 HP motor By Terry Pritchard. It is very interesting to read, especially if you’re looking to turn your S4 into a lightweight, compact, and almost full-featured bass boat.

Wavewalk also announced the new THE W720 CATAMARAN KAYAK-SKIFF. This 85 lbs catamaran kayak comes outfitted with a motor mount, and it’s perfect for inland fishing, in ponds, small lakes, and slow moving rivers. Its price is particularly appealing: $2,200 without shipping. It’s not the S4, but it’s a stable and comfortable boat for up to two anglers, and it’s easy to cartop and carry. The W720 is certainly the best of breed in fishing kayaks.

A few months ago, Wavewalk published an article entitled Wheel cart for portable boat, kayak-skiff, and cartop microskiff, and it provides simple and easy to follow advice and instructions on how to build the best wheel cart for your W700 or S4.
As always, nothing beats simple!

It’s worth mentioning that Wavewalk’s website offers dozens of articles including on subjects related to boat design and DIY projects.
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