Hands-on: Two new DIY articles

Most people don’t design their own microskiff, or portable boat, but many love to outfit it, and build accessories for it.

Wavewalk recently published two articles on subjects related to Do It Yourself (DIY) projects.
The first article is called Wheel cart for portable boat, kayak-skiff, and cartop microskiff, and it provides simple and easy to follow advice and instructions on how to build the best wheel cart for your W700 or S4.
As always, nothing beats simple!

Earlier, Wavewalk published an article on Toggle Bolts for attaching items to your boat and kayak, which presents an effective means for kayakers and boaters to attach items to their boat where regular bolts, screws and rivets are not applicable.

It’s worth mentioning that Wavewalk’s website offers dozens of articles including on subjects related to boat design and DIY projects.
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