Dan’s Motorized W300 Fishing Kayak – Electric Trolling Motor

Dan Carroll is a Vermont W kayak fisherman who tried many fishing kayaks before he finally chose a 2007 W300 fishing kayak. He wrote a kayak review following his initial enthusiasm with it.

Dan outfitted his W fishing kayak with an electric trolling motor system.

Dan in his electric trolling fishing kayak

Dan: -“This system is very well balanced with the motor in the front, the battery in the middle and me in the back.”

Fishing kayak rigged with electric motor trolling lake Champlain, Vermont
Full speed ahead with a 36 lb.thrust electric motor – The wake’s form shows Dan’s W kayak is moving faster than its hull speed -“I would say it went really well for the first run. The W does sit lower in the water with the added weight. But she moved right along with this 36 lb. thrust motor. Other then feeling a little more unstable than usual when sitting still it handled fine.”

Fishing kayak rigged with electric trolling motor
Dan: -“The mounting plate is made of aluminum with a piece of pressure treated 2×4 on it. I drilled and mounted four bolts with fender washers and nuts under and on top. That way I can take the plate on and off quickly with wing nuts.”
-“I think it is great Wavewalk has the outfitting section on its website. I have used several ideas from it and it has helped me come up with a few of my own. I have the carpet in, the foam paddle holder and the milk crate – Lots of fun.”
Fishing kayak with electric trolling motor. Dan, Vermont.
Dan’s “Mean, green machine” in action-“Most of the time you would be sitting, but sometimes you could stand if you want a slow troll and fish the banks. Also you can move the battery into the seat position to keep the weight even if you want to adjust motor height or clean weeds off the prop.”
Fully rigged fishing kayak with electric trolling motor
Dan’s electric trolling W fishing kayak fully rigged and dry docked on his lawn
Dan holding a fish he caught in his motorized fishing kayak
Nice catch on Dan’s first fishing trip in his motorized W kayak.

Dan sitting in his motorized fishing kayak
Front view of Dan’s electric W fishing kayak

Dan standing in his fishing kayak outfitted with an electric trolling motor

“You can adjust the motor height below the hull when you first get in the water. And with the 90 at the end of the pole you can run it sitting or standing. ”

Close up of front-mounted electric trolling motor on fishing kayak
Close up on Dan’s ingenious project

Dan fishing standing in his kayak
Dan standing in his 2007 W kayak before he added an electric trolling motor to it.

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