DIY High Tech Fishing Kayak Outfitted With Electric and Outboard Motors

Russ, from Connecticut, purchased a W502 in the fall of 2011, and installed a 2hp 4-cycle Honda outboard on it (read his initial motorized fishing kayak review >> ). Then came winter, which in New England is pretty long even in clement years, and Russ turned his W502 into a high tech fishing system –
Russ needs both types of motors (electric and gas) since some lakes & ponds are for electric motors only.
Russ installed a fish finder, compass, a radio, and racks to hold the paddle and push pole. He also put another bolt in each side of the motor mount, to make it more stable and rigid.
Russ also installed a small seat from a rowing machine on top of the W saddle, as well as two electromechanical jiggers. -”It’s overkill, but it’s what I want to fish” he says…
Russ plots out the lakes before he fish them, marking the outline of the proper depth for his type of fishing with buoys on his GPS screen.

work platform on top of fishing kayak saddleCutting board used as platform – the batteries are in the kayak’s hull tips

batteries at the bottom of fishing kayak hullsClose up on batteries at the bottom of the hulls, for the trolling motor and jiggers. having a battery at the bottom of each hull acts as ballast, and stabilizes this fishing kayak.

fishing kayak cockpit with front deck and fish finderFront deck, depth finder, platform with fishing tackle attached on both sides

stand for electric jiggers in fishing kayakPlatform and mount for the electromechanical jiggers

electric jiggers installed in fishing kayakJiggers installed – rear view with electric motor, jointed tiller extension, and seat

electric trolling motor mounted on fishing kayak transom mountLong shaft electric motor, transom mount with additional piece, and security cable

rear view of high tech fishing kayakRear view of Russ’ high tech fishing kayak. Note the motor shaft is secured with a bungee ‘W style’…

front view of high tech fishing kayakRuss’ high tech W fishing kayak. Note the eyelets on the hull sides are part of the 502 configuration, and that’s where you attach the XL flotation modules.

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