Fishing Kayak Outfitted With Electric Trolling Motor and Foot Steering

Roxanne Davis Wavewalk Kayak Angler, Connecticut

Rox owns a number of Wavewalk kayaks. She got her first (green) W300 back in 2006, and the second one (yellow W300) more recently. Lately, she got a W500 that she outfitted with an outboard gas engine.

Since Roxanne has a physical condition that prevents her from being comfortable in small boats and kayaks, the W was her obvious choice for comfort. She outfitted her W with an electric motor and a pair of
small outrigger that never touch the water, but they’re there just in case.

This is a movie that Rox shot from the cockpit of her electric W kayak on her first voyage in it -“Oh yeah!”

-“It turns on a dime – Best investment I ever made!!”
-“I can’t say enough good things about my W yak, I just love it. It’s a lean mean Fishing Machine.”

Rear view of fishing kayak with electric trolling motor system

Rear view of Rox’ fishing kayak with the electric trolling motor perfectly mounted, and an ingenious foot activated (I.E. hands free) steering system
-“The Stabilizers don’t even touch the water, they are only there as part rod holder, and peace of mind from big wakes. If I lose my balance, all I have to do is sit down.”

Electric motor mount - fishing kayak
Close up on the motor mount and rear part of the steering system

-“When I first took it out, I stayed in shallow water, to get the feel of this boat. I learned quickly how the boat works mostly with your hips and legs. I love it – It’s a fishing Machine. I can site fish, can’t do that in other yaks too well… I can stand and fish, cast and bounce.”

Fishing kayak with electric trolling motor
Note the rod holder on the left side

-“You should have seen my yak last October, 55 quart cooler, food, chairs, small grill, tent & supplies. I launched at Barts in Windsor, Floating and paddling down the river to camp out with my buddies on Tits island for some good old cat fishing, but lost my camera over board with all my picture’s of the trip on the way home. But taking it Down the CT River from Suffield to Windsor’s Tits island will be a blast this year if I do this and put them together.
Man, look at all the storage I’ll have for camping and fishing supplies!
The fishing season has been great. I’m going keep my yellow W kayak bare bones, for the smaller bodies of water, and the places that don’t allow motors of any kind.”

-“Every time I take out my W yak, other boaters, yakers and anyone who see it want to know where I got it.”

Motorized Kayak Fishing Combat Tactics

-“I hooked a big bass that dove straight into a submerged tree – I threw the yak into forward fast, turned to point my bow at her, threw the yak in reverse and pulled out and away from the tree and the limbs,
to battle her in open water. Each time I hook a fish, I’ll throw the yak in reverse and pull the fish to open water for my battles.”

-“Thanks again for such a wonderful Yak!! Rox”

Early version of electric trolling motor on Roxanne's fishing kayak
First version of Rox’ electric fishing W-kayak, back in 2006.

Since then the battery made its way to the bottom of the hull, the motor relocated to the very end of the stern, and the outriggers became rather symbolic.

Rox holding a smallie

Rox holding fish in her kayak
Fish, electronics and foliage…

Rox holding a 34" striper caught in her fishing kayak
34 inch, 16.2 lb. striper

-“My personal best so far from shore on the Connecticut River in Windsor Locks”

fish in kayak
Another view from the cockpit of Rox’ fishing machine

Rox' yellow kayak - for paddling
Rox’ yellow kayak – for paddling

Electric control box in dray box - Roxanne's fishing kayak
Electric control box inside the dry box

Foot activated steering system for electric trolling motor for fishing kayak
Foot activated steering system: The rubber pad slides back and forth on the bottom of the hull. Simply perfect.

battery in fishing kayak hull
View inside the hull tip with the battery. Behind, at the tip is a floatation module.

plug for electric trolling motor inside fishing kayak hull
Waterproof electric plug leading to the motor.

control button for kayak's electric trolling motor
Note the control button for the motor on the dry box’ front

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