Jim McGilvray’s Motorized W300: Outboard Gas Engine and Outriggers, UK

Jim McGilvray’s Motorized W Fishing Kayak, Norfolk, UK

Video of Jim’s first test trip in his motorized W Fishing Kayak:

Jim lives in the middle of the Norfolk Broads, in the United Kingdom. He is an engineer working in the oil and gas industry.
Jim tells the story of his motorized fishing kayak project:
-“Primary reason for my having the W yak is so I can go fish in the sea and catch something. The motor is a convenience to get to the sweet spots quicker thus allowing short opportune trips rather than lengthy
expeditions. Plus I can get in sharpish if the weather turns unexpectedly. However, it totally changes the boat into something quite different. The outfit is work in progress, by no means finished. It will look good and be more robust when I’m finished. I mounted the boxy floats with the corner down, diamond fashion, so there is less slapping than if it was flat side to the water. Plus there is progressive buoyancy due to the taper if there is a leaning moment. All nice and gentle. Most important in the sea where there will be a
lot more wave action; don’t want to over stress.
I reckon the drag from having the outboard mis-trimmed is losing me about 2 knots.
The outfit is great fun! It all goes on and in the car, no trailer required. My daughters were asking
if it would be possible to water-ski off the back. That would perhaps be pushing things a step too far but it certainly skims along at a good lick.”

Jim compares his W kayak paddling and motorized experience:
-“The paddling mode without floats is gentle and peaceful, gliding around silently, sliding round bends and allowing covert observation of the waterfowl and animals. Whereas the power mode is like riding a motorbike – an off road trail bike. Yee Ha! Real adrenaline stuff. That little 2.5 HP Suzuki engine is a perfect
match for the W kayak, it only weighs 13 kg /29 pounds, and it’s very quiet being water cooled.

He adds:
-“I’m interested in fitting a sail system too. Built a sand yacht at school, and sailed it on dunes and beaches in Northeastern Scotland. No petrol required but tough coming back into the wind…”

Jim McGilvray
Motorized kayak with outriggers
Jim designed and built this ingenious integrated, flip over, all-terrain, push or pull trolley system for his W kayak.

Motorized kayak with outriggers
Jim’s kayak is equipped with a 2.5 HP, 4 stroke Suzuki outboard motor and a pair of outriggers that Jim designed and built himself.

Front view of Jim's motorized fishing kayak
View of the bow

View of an outrigger
View of outrigger – still unpainted.

View of the stern with outboard motor
View of the stern with 2.5 HP Suzuki outboard motor on

View of the motor
View of the motor in action…

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