Offshore Fishing W500 Kayak Rigged With Electric Trolling Motor and Front Steering, By Richard Dion, New Hampshire

-“I have yet to try fly fishing but it is on my “to do list”. I use saltwater reels hoping to land stripers.
My primary use for my W500 kayak is ocean fishing. I usually do not venture out beyond a mile off shore.
I feel better sitting lower, and the seat modification works perfect. The bottom of the seat is even with the bottom of the structural “ribs” so there is no added drag.
Richard ”

Offshore fishing kayak rigged with trolling motor, and wheel for transportation

Note the long, articulated steering handle extension. The articulation makes it easier to steer from a distance, and when the angler is standing up.

Seat for fishing kayak

electric trolling motor mounted on kayak for ocean fishing

The propeller being located in the front prevents using it in shallow water, since it won’t bounce up if it hits the bottom, or an underwater obstacle.

kayak for offshore fishing, rigged with electric motor and carry wheel

electric trolling motor for offshore fishing kayak

kayak for ocean fishing rigged with carry wheel

kayak for ocean fishing rigged with carry wheel

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