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The Barge Fishing Kayak

The Barge Yak: How Heavy, Clumsy, Slow, and Dysfunctional Can You Go In Fishing Kayak Design?

This new fishing kayak design article about the typical SOT, SIK and Hybrid fishing kayak design has the answers.

Think twice before getting into one of these ultra wide yaks, because you might have a problem when the time comes to get back from your fishing trip…

What Is a Beautiful Kayak?

What Role Do Aesthetics Play When Fishing Kayaks Are Concerned?

We recommend reading this article that analyzes an important design related question, which is the question of Aesthetics, when choosing a fishing kayak is concerned. Whether you think that your kayak should be a ‘lean mean machine’, or the ‘best of breed’ of fishing kayaks, beauty is a notion that helps you arrange your thoughts and aspirations, as well as technical requirements in one phrase or one image.
However, the bottom line is that a fishing kayak is both a vehicle and a working environment, and whether it does a good job counts the most.
When choosing a fishing kayak, the notion of ‘doing a good job’ should determine whether a fishing kayak is beautiful or not.