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Platform for standing higher on a kayak – for sight fishing, poling, etc.

Here’s yet another example of what unrivaled stability can offer in terms of additional versatility:

Platform for stand up sight-fishing from a kayak

Creating such a platform is easy and inexpensive, and you can design its surface area to be bigger or smaller, according to your needs. Furthermore, you can move this platform fore and aft along the saddle, to fit variables such as your weight and your fishing needs.
The versatility of this platform is also manifested in the fact that you can sit on it with your legs in the hulls, and your feet resting comfortably on the bottom. In this position, you can paddle, or operate an outboard gas engine mounted at the transom.

Naturally, when standing higher on a kayak, you lose stability, which is one of the reasons the W kayak is stabler for stand up fishing than all other fishing kayaks out there, and why it’s recommended to stand in a W kayak with your feet at the bottom of its hulls. The stand-up platform seen in the above picture would place you 16″ higher than if you stood on the bottom of the hulls, so you should expect to be less stable.
BTW, you can pole a W kayak while standing in its hulls, and there’s no real need for you to stand higher for this purpose.


This stand up fishing platform is based on a pair of saddle brackets, but it’s possible to make one using different structural elements, and extend the platform’s width out of the cockpit. Having said that, one should remember that an adult cannot stand on one side on the kayak, especially not at such height.

Fly fishing sometimes requires scouting, and some fly anglers like to practice sight fishing, which consists of casting a fly at a fish as soon as they spot it. Standing higher adds some visibility in such cases, but reduces the effectiveness and ease of paddling, and increases the likelihood of losing balance and falling overboard, as if you were standing on a regular fishing kayak, and not in a W kayak, in which the saddle and extreme stability enable you to regain your balance and stabilize yourself instantly and intuitively in most cases.

How to add a poling platform and a high saddle add-on to your W fishing kayak

Initially, the saddle bracket was introduced as means to improve the saddle’s rigidity, and through that increase its load capacity, as by that the load capacity of the kayak itself.
But progress never ends in W kayak design: – The same accessory can be used for outfitting the kayak with a poling platform, and a high saddle, as shown in this images:

Poling Platform for Flats Fishing

Sight fishing and poling platform for kayak - fig 1 and 2

Figure 1 – Two saddle brackets                         Figure 2 – Two support beams

A pair of saddle brackets serves to attach the base of this poling platform to the saddle. Then, a two longitudinal boards are added as a support for the angler’s weight, and finally, the platform is attached on top:

Sight fishing and poling platform for kayak - figure 3

Simple, effective, easy to make, and inexpensive.

High Saddle Kayak Seat

Similarly, a high saddle is added to the kayak, for leggy users, and simply to provide yet another paddling and fishing position. Riding this seat causes no stability issues, since this position offers the angler’s legs a good way to support the upper body:

High saddle seat for catamaran kayak

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