About Wavewalk’s new W720 catamaran kayak-skiff

W720 kayak skiff gif animation

Wavewalk recently announced the new THE W720 CATAMARAN KAYAK-SKIFF.
The W720 is the newest model from the classic W700 series, and it comes with an integrated motor mount, standard. This mount is suitable for outboard motors up to 3 HP.
The W720 catamaran kayak-skiff weighs 85 lbs without a motor, and it’s perfect for inland fishing in ponds, lakes, and slow moving rivers.
With its roomy cockpit and its carrying capacity of 360 lbs, it can comfortably take up to two anglers on board.
Its price makes it even more appealing: $2,200 without shipping.

The W720 is not the S4, but it’s a stable and comfortable motorboat for up to two anglers, and it’s the easiest to cartop and carry.

In kayak fishing terms, the W720 is the most stable and roomy one or two person kayak out there, and the easiest to paddle (only 31 inches wide!).
And last but not least, the W720 is the only kayak out there that’s back pain free.

Whether human powered or motorized, the W720 is certainly the best of breed in fishing kayaks, and the only microskiff in the “even lighter than the S4” class.