Excessive Size: The Barge Fishing Kayak

Another phenomenon in fishing kayak design is the evolution of a class of extra large fishing kayaks, in the sense that they are very wide, quite heavy, and not that easy to paddle… This is an excerpt from an article entitled “The Barge – A New Class of Fishing Kayaks”  (Read more on these large size fishing kayaks >>)

“Most people know what the term Barge means when kayaks are referred to: It’s a big, wide, long, heavy kayak that’s hard to car top, hard to carry, hard to launch, hard to paddle, and hard to beach.
A Barge is a kayak that’s slow, and doesn’t track well, hence the expression “A barge to paddle”.
Manufacturers and vendors who offer barge kayaks often claim their products are so stable that you can stand up and fish from them. Some vendors would even get some dude to perform stability tricks in front of a camera, while standing up on their barge kayak, but few people fall for this kind of advertisement, and those who do soon learn not to trust improbable advertising, and they learn it the wet way, after they fall overboard… “

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