The Hybrid Fishing Kayak

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We intend to publish an article about Hybrid fishing kayaks, but in the meantime we recommend reading the following excerpt:

The Hybrid Fishing Kayak – Facts, Hype and Plain Nonsense

The term ‘Hybrid Kayak’ is an abbreviation of ‘Hybrid Canoe-Kayak’. It’s a type of small, typically human powered watercraft that takes from the kayak in the sense that its passengers sit in it with their legs stretched forward, and use dual blade (i.e. ‘kayak’) paddles for propulsion.
The hybrid’s canoe genes are harder to track in most cases, but all hybrid kayaks are very wide, and designed to provide more stability than narrower, traditional kayaks offer. It’s likely to assume that those who design and manufacture hybrid kayaks view the canoe as a watercraft that’s stabler than common kayaks are, and the reference to canoes is therefore an implicit reference to stability…  Read more about hybrid fishing kayaks >>

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  1. Karl Patrick says:

    Hybrid kayaks have some merit for fishing in ponds and other small bodies of water, where wakes, eddies and waves are non existent.

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