Technical Articles

This section is dedicated to offering technical articles related to kayak design, and specifically fishing kayaks. It will demonstrate how the Micronautical approach is applied to the design of touring and fishing kayaks, with regards to the fundamental issues facing kayak designers, which are:

  • Stability – How to create the most stable kayaks.
  • Ergonomics – How to make kayaks that are both comfortable in the sense that they don’t generate unease and injuries, as well as allow for better bio mechanics in both paddling and fishing.
  • Speed – How to make kayak that feature improved hydrodynamics, and allow for easier and more effective paddling.
  • Fishability – How to create kayaks that are more suitable for fishing in all aspects, including bigger and more protected and accessible storage, more internal space, better protection for passengers and gear, and better range of motion.
  • Mobility – How to make kayaks that can be launched from more spots, enable going through more difficult waters, including shallow water and over obstacles, and beaching in spots where other kayaks can’t be beached.
  • Value – How to design kayaks that do not require their owners to invest in additional systems and accessories, including seat, rudder, kayak rack, trailer, hatches, etc.
  • Synergy – How to use solutions for certain kayak design problems to create better solutions to other problems.
  • Safety – Hazards and Other Consequences and of Overloading Your Fishing Kayak

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