Wavewalk uses its patented invention (US Patent 6871608) to design kayaks and car-top boats that provide unrivaled performance in fishing, paddling and motorizing: Launch, go, fish and beach anywhere, and always be comfy and dry.

Key Features and Benefits

Catamaran Twin Hull –

Delivers unmatched stability due to the vessel’s buoyancy being allocated along its sides, instead of being wasted along its centerline.
The user stands with their feet at the bottom of the hulls, below waterline, for maximum stability and balance.
Anyone who can fish standing in a good size Jon boat can do it in a W700.
Paddling a W700 standing is easy and intuitive, and practically anyone can do it.
The slim, straight, parallel hulls reduce water resistance and improve tracking.
No rudder needed for tracking or steering.

Personal Watercraft (PWC) Saddle –

The W700’s saddle is back pain free.
This seat provides true comfort and unmatched balance to users and
passengers of all age, size, and degree of physical fitness, including elderly, big,
heavy and disabled people, as well as small children.
The ability of the user to move fore and aft along the saddle enables them to
easily relocate the boat’s Center of Gravity (CG), and by that easily control its
direction (tracking) in strong wind, and go over obstacles.

Boat Size Cockpit –

Easy, walk-in entry from the rear and simple step-out exit
from the front eliminate the need for passengers to step in water. Plenty of
freeboard keeps passengers dry in choppy waters.
Detachable spray shield provides extra protection while you drive in the chop.
At 92″ in length (7’8″, 233 cm), the W700 cockpit is spacious enough for two
anglers to fish from in full comfort, and it offers as much storage as a canoe.

Low Weight and Sensible Dimensions

At 80 lbs, the W700 is easy to car-top boat even for one person. Its narrow beam (31″, 79 cm) makes it a high performance paddle craft for one or two paddlers, or three small-size ones.

Full Motorizing Capability –

Outfitting a W700 with a Wavewalk® motor mount
is easy and takes less than two minutes. The Wavewalk® 700 Heavy Duty (HD)
motor mount is suitable for a 4 HP outboard gas motor.
Driving a motorized W700 is easy and intuitive, even in the chop.
Driving with a Wavewalk® joystick steering system is fun seated and standing.
Switching from motorizing to paddling and vice versa is instantaneous and
absolute – You can keep going and fishing in shallow water and in weeds, and
you can launch and beach practically anywhere, including spots where other
kayaks don’t work.


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