The Ultralight W720 Kayak-Skiff Walkaround Video

The W720 is a successful embodiment of the Wavewalk Micronautical design.  It is the perfect blend between kayak and boat performance – The ease of paddling with the stability and control required for motorizing.
As a kayak, the W720 tracks like no other, thanks to its long waterline, and it’s more stable than any other kayak out there, including fishing kayak behemoths that are over 40 inches wide, and weigh north of 120 lbs.
As a motorboat, it is nimble and responsive, and the easiest to launch and beach.
On top of this, the W720 is comfortable to ride in, thanks to its high saddle seat that stretches along the center line of its cockpit, and allows for up to three passengers to enjoy paddling and/or motorizing on lakes, rivers, flats and estuaries.

It definitely stands apart from the crowd of electric motor kayaks that neither look nor perform well.

The W720 Kayak Skiff does not offer the amazing seaworthiness of the S4 Microskiff, not its speed, but it is the best solo and tandem kayak out there, and it works perfectly as an ultralight motorboat, including as a dinghy (boat tender).

This video shows the W720 outfitted with a 3 gallon fuel tank, This quantity is enough for a whole day of nonstop driving with an outboard motor up to 3 HP (practically 2.5 HP). This tank was too large to fit inside one of the W720 hulls, but it conveniently fits  on top of the saddle, between the motor and the driver.