Bass Fishing Kayak With DIY 1.2 HP Outboard Gas Engine Setup, by Rox Davis, Connecticut

Here is the test ride, it was awesome!
I had a late start today, didn’t hit the water until 2pm. Cloudy, windy and water temps were 53.
Today was my maiden voyage in the W500 with my 1.2hp Gamefisher outboard motor.

It Was AWESOME, I had so much fun, the W500 handled like always – Stable, stable and yes Soooooooooo Stable. The motor made no difference in the balance, it was like the kayak was meant to be used with a gas outboard.
I was doing doughnuts, driving over my wakes, I felt like a Kid with a new Toy…………happy bass angler
I even stopped to fish a little, maybe 1/2 hour was spent on fishing.
All smallies came out of the channel in 10′ to 16′ of water. Rattle Trap was really the only lure I tried, time was short. Only 2 Smallies were picture worthy, lost a beast, and landed 6 that were cookie cutters, 13″.

These 2 Big Girls hit the RT like a freight train. They both did circles under water putting a good bend in my Med/Hvy BPS rod before coming up and jumping like crazy even with the cold water temps.




Rox’ motorized fishing kayak in her vehicle with the motor mounted

Note: Outboard gas engines come with propeller shafts in two lengths: 20″ and 15″. The longer propeller shaft is recommended for the W500 and W500 series, since it’s possible to mount such motors closer to the cockpit and still have the propeller rotate at a level that’s lower than the bottom of the hulls, which is essential for steering.  Having said that, since small outboards featuring 20″ long shafts are harder to find, you can outfit your W fishing kayak with a transom mount for a 15″ shaft outboard if you place it at a distance from the cockpit’s rear end. The drawback in such case is that your direct access to the motor would be limited by the increased distance, which can have both unwanted safety and convenience implications, and you’re also more likely to need a long, articulated (jointed) extension for the motor’s steering handle. In any case, an emergency stop switch for your outboard gas engine that can activate from a distance (e.g. with a lanyard) is an absolute must, in our opinion.

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